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Register for Summer Classes 2024

Classes and Clubs will be added or taken away according to the availability of Instructors and Enrollment.


  •  Clubs and Classes are priced at $25 or $30 each/per month, regardless of the number of classes held.

  • Facility and Insurance fee: $10 per student/per month

  • Material fees help offset the cost of supplies

  • Fees will be invoiced and payment is due immediately. 

  • Look at the Clubs and Classes list and descriptions before you register your student.

  • ** This means 3rd-6 grade students are in the class.  !! This means 9-12 grade students are in the class.

  • We leave it up to the parents to place their children in age-appropriate classes. If an instructor feels your student is not ready for a class, you will be offered an alternative.

  • Register each student separately so their schedule is clear.

  • After you have registered your child(ren), you will be invoiced. 

  • Please note that you are not officially enrolled until your invoice has been paid in full.

  • If you cannot pay the full invoice or you need time to pay let us know.

Register Your Student
Tuesday Class Choices:
Tuesday 10:05-11:00
Tuesday 11:05-12:00
Tuesday 12:35-1:30
Tuesday 1:35-2:30
Thursday Class Choices:
Thursday 10:05-11:00
Thursday 11:05-12:00
Thursday 12:35-1:30
Thursday 1:35-2:30

Thanks for registering! Watch your email inbox for your invoice.

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