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Oak and Sparrow Learning Lab Information

Classes and Clubs will be added or taken away according to the availability of Instructors and Enrollment.


  •  Clubs and Classes $25 each/per month regardless of the number of classes held.

  • Clubs and Classes $30 each/per month if a high school credit is given for the class regardless of the number of classes held.

  • Facility and Insurance fee: $10 per student/per month

  • Some classes have a yearly fee of $20. Half ($10) will be billed at the beginning of each semester.

Fees will be invoiced and payment is due before the first class of the month. Classes can be paid at Oak and Sparrow before class begins. 


  • Go to the registration page.

  • Register each student separately, so their schedule is clear.

  • After you have registered your child(ren), you will be invoiced. 

  • Please note that you are not officially enrolled until your invoice has been paid in full.

  • If you cannot pay the full invoice or you need time to pay let us know.

  • To try a Class or Club for free send a message through the contact form.

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