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Workshops for Parents   

                 Sign up for the ones you would like to attend. 

                                  Cost is $15 per workshop

   New or New to SC Homeschool Workshop  April 30th at 2:30

   Homeschooling High School

Welcome to Oak and Sparrow
Learning Lab

The Socialization You Are Looking For....


Where your students can learn and 

make friends!

Enrichment Classes and Clubs for

Homeschooled  Students.

We encourage interaction in the clubs and classes

in a very laid-back atmosphere!

 Tuesday and Thursday

10:00AM - 2:30 PM

Meeting at: Creekside 506 St. James Ave. Goose Creek

Text: 843-640-9246


   Spring Semester : January 9-May 23

Spring Break: April 1-5  

Summer Semester: June 4-July 30

Summer Break: July 1-5

Fall Semester 1: September 3-November 21 

Winter Break: November 25- January 6


You can try a Club or a Class for free by sending a message through the contact form. 

Children must bring their lunch if they have both

morning and afternoon classes.

Parents are welcome to stay and socialize with other parents, or to drop off their children.


Affiliated with At Home In The Lowcountry Homeschool Association


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