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Meet Our Instructors!

Finding Inspiration in Every Child

Oak and Sparrow Learning Lab

Ericka Lamb

Ericka homeschools her son, who has been homeschooled since kindergarten and is currently in high school. She has a degree in Engineering Design Graphic.  She is certified by NGPF in numerous financial literacy courses. Her goal in the classroom is to promote a laid-back and engaging atmosphere so that students will enjoy their learning experience. She strives to assign work that allows students to feel challenged as well as confident in their abilities to succeed. She is also the Assistant Director for At Home In the Lowcountry. 

Dr. Kate McFadden

Dr. Kate earned her Ph. D. in history from the University of South Carolina in 2018. She has dived on submerged Civil War shipwrecks, worked as part of the Hunley archaeological team, and, most importantly, according to her two-year-old, helped restore the trolley car featured in Daniel Tiger. Kate returned home in 2020 to homeschool her own children. The students love to take Kate's classes because she is such a fun and engaging instructor. She brings a wealth of knowledge to all of her classes with her multiple degrees.

Mary Polt

Mary has been homeschooling her children for many years. She graduated two of her students and is currently homeschooling her youngest. She loves piecing together her curriculum and learning through adventuring with her kids. She is confident art and crafting are so important to build confidence, strengthen motor skill, offer an outlet to express emotions and encourage entrepreneurship. These are skills that will last a lifetime. She loves finding connections with her students, teaching the history of art and showing them that anyone can create! Outside of Oak and Sparrow she teaches art to the special needs community through her business, Paintastic Creations . It is one of the biggest joys in her life!

Pam Hodges

Pam taught in the public school for seven years before returning home to homeschool her three boys. She has experience teaching kindergarten through fifth grade. Pam spent a year teaching special needs children. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education and her Master of Education from the College of Charleston. She believes that learning should be fun and engaging. This shows in the laughter coming from her classes!

Liz Nisi

Liz is a former public school teacher, who loves teaching younger children.  She has years of experience in daycare work. Liz homeschools her son in fifth grade and her daughter, who recently graduated. She is the instructor for our preschool students! They absolutely love her. She makes this such a fun and educational preschool!

Devon Polt

Devon brings his unique background as a homeschooled student and graduate to his instruction. He works well with students of all ages. Devon is the instructor in the Lego Clubs, Gaming Clubs and Chess Club. He is dedicated to the kids and they love him!  Devon is a huge asset to our team. Devon is currently a student at Trident Technical College.

Rashelle Houck

Rashelle is a homeschool parent of two children in grades 3rd and 8th. In addition to being an instructor at Oak and Sparrow she is the owner of The Sugared Magnolia Bakery.   Her experience includes teaching for eleven years and serving as the director for a preschool for six years.  She teaches multiple clubs and classes at Oak and Sparrow ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grades.  Her many skills are a huge asset to Oak and Sparrow!

Brooke Smith

Brooke was born and raised in Fresno, California where she studied child development to obtain a degree in Liberal Studies. She worked as a nanny to six children for 3 years before relocating to South Carolina with her husband, Jake. Her husband works at Creekside Church and they serve the student and kids ministries there. The most important thing to her is her love for Jesus. She passes this love on to the kids she teaches.                    The kids love to be in Brooke's classes. She makes them so much fun!

Tammy Austin

Jessica Thomas

Tiffany West

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