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Meet Our Instructors!

Finding Inspiration in Every Child

Oak and Sparrow Learning Lab

Ericka Lamb

Ericka has been a homeschool parent and teacher for 8 years and is currently

entering the high school years.   Her degree is in Graphic Design.

She is also the Assistant Director for At Home In the Lowcountry. 

Ericka will be heading up our Exciting Book Clubs. She is also the instructor for Career Development and Personal Finance.

Dr. Kate McFadden

Dr. Kate McFadden earned her Ph. D. in history from the University of South Carolina in 2018. She has dived on submerged Civil War shipwrecks, worked as part of the Hunley archaeological team, and, most importantly according to her two-year-old, helped restore the trolley car featured in Daniel Tiger. Kate returned home in 2020 to homeschool her own children. The students have all commented on how fun her

 US History class is.

Mary Polt

Mary has been a member of At Home In The Lowcountry for many years. She graduated two of her students and is currently homeschooling her youngest. Mary is an exceptional artist and instructor.

She has a specialty in teaching art to special needs children!   

Her Art Clubs will be like no other art classes you have taken!

Joy Stephens

Joy is a member of At Home In The Lowcountry and an outstanding instructor.

She  is currently homeschooling her two children in grades 2nd and 4th . Joy is teaching Anatomy and Physiology!  This will be an outstanding class with labs and high schoolers will earn a credit. She is also the instructor for Nature Science, Cursive Writing, Creative writing and also works with students on Reading Comprehension.

Krista Clark

Krista is a member of At Home In The Lowcountry and has homeschooled her children for many years.

Krista has developed a planner specifically for homeschool parents.  

She loves everything about the home!

Her Home Economics class and Cooking Club will be a very popular addition to Oak and Sparrows.

The class will be open to girls and boys, who someday want to move out and have a home of their own!!

I have personally seen results from her Manners and Etiquette Class!

Liz Nisi

Liz is a former public school teacher, who loves teaching the younger children.  Liz is the instructor for Music Club, Folktales, Fairytales and Fables as well as Multiplication and Basic Math.

Devon Polt

Devon brings his unique background as a homeschooled student and graduate to his instruction. He works well with all ages. Devon will be the instructor in the Lego Club and Chess Club. He also will substitute wherever he is needed.

Devon is a huge asset to our team.

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